Hello Caroline,

I hope you are well and managing during these times.  

I really can’t thank you enough for all you have done in helping XXXXX.  From the moment I met you I knew she was in good, caring, professional hands. You radiated calmness and support yet also I knew you were going to give good firm guidance.  You were just what XXXXX needed in her struggles.  You have made a world of difference to her and I know you have given her some great skills and techniques to help guide her going forward which is so important.  She knew you were a safe and effective sounding board and she thinks the world of you.  She is rather sad your sessions have come to an end but she knows you are always there for her if she ever gets overwhelmed again and that is so important to her.  

In particular, I am very grateful for the work you did on her relationship with her Dad which had completely broken down and non existent when you first met her.  Whatever you did, said etc has made a huge impact and she now can talk, laugh and have fun with her Dad.  Its taken a long time and its still a fragile relationship but its so much better and improving.  I know both of them were miserable with the broken relationship and now both are happy its mending.  That was so important for me as I wanted her to have a relationship with her Dad.  I just can’t thank you enough.

Thank you Caroline for your wonderful work.  You are very talented and an expert in your field.  You saved my daughter and have helped her build the path forward.  I will always be grateful to you.

All the best to you and I know XXXXX will remain in contact with you to let you know how she’s doing in her new adventures.


1 week ago

So special to receive this lovely comment from a client who has received 8 sessions of remote therapy! I’m so happy “they” are happy now.. loving my job x Please tap on the message to read all...#counselling#counsellor#anxietyrelief#depressionhelp#buntingford#bishopsstortford#help ... See MoreSee Less
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Morning - Please see these tips to help with Blue Monday! They’re really useful - let me know what you think.. ❤️ I’ve also copied the article into the comment last below - hope it helps? Thanks so much for following me x 1. Light box2. Meditation/Exercise3. Get in the kitchen - prepare food 4. Immerse yourself in nature 5. Postpone your worries 6. Eat healthily 7. Read 8. Don’t think about worst case scenarios 9. Be kind to yourself10. Tough times can lead to growth ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Please share - during this 3rd lockdown you may know someone who is suffering with domestic violence/abuse - this lovely local company are offering free accommodation - how wonderful is that? X ❤️🤗#buntingford#gratefulheart#domesticviolenceawareness#counsellor#help#pandemic#escape#localbusinessR E S P I T EWe are offering our accommodation for free if you need respite from Domestic Abuse. 4 day blocks. Total confidentiality Homemade meals; a safe place to rest your head; children and dogs welcome We are working with DA charities to ensure what we're doing is as safe as possible. We cannot imagine what lockdown 3 must be like if you are at risk and scared. Everyone is welcome.... no judgement. We will offer this until we can reopen. Please share with anyone that may need this. We are already helping peopleThank you ❤️ #domesticabuse #lockdown #hertfordshire #hertfordshirebusiness #community ... See MoreSee Less
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