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I truly believe that Caroline saved my life. I struggled for a long time with depression, anxiety and paranoid thoughts which made things like work, college, and meeting friends just awful. When I was at work I would panic, and work myself into a state where I would lock myself in the cupboard just to feel slightly more in control of my surroundings and slightly safer. I would plan meeting my friends after college and when the day came around I would feel so physically sick and anxious about it I would almost always cancel and when I didn’t cancel I had such a horrible time I wouldn’t make plans for months afterwards. However, I had a couple of months of sessions with Caroline, once a week talking me through all my issues and helping me to develop tools to deal with the anxiety and depression when it rears its ugly head and since then I have felt comfortable and able to go out to London to meet new colleagues and have started a new better job which means doing things that before made me really panicked. I could not be happier and she has helped me to get a better quality of life. I enjoy seeing my friends now and I can control my paranoid thoughts and anxiety to allow me to take long walks by myself without sprinting home and I am able to meet new people without almost being sick. None of which would be possible without Caroline’s help. I cannot stress how much she has done for me and how much happier I am because of her.


Caroline Dickson

M: 07811 609490

You are amazing and I am so very grateful