Therapeutic counselling

Support that’s tailored to you

Counselling is often described as a talking therapy. As a psychotherapist, I provide a safe space where you can explore personal difficulties and emotional issues. The process, enables you to make positive choices and reach a solution to problems. My therapeutic counselling service is available for adults, children and couples.

  • There is no judgement, just understanding.
  • There is no pressure, only patience.
  • There is no rigid formula, your treatment is tailored to you.

Who does it help?

Counselling has value for anyone with issues to resolve that impact on their mental health and day-to-day lifestyle. As an IAPT trained psychotherapist, I’m committed to improving access to psychological therapies. I’m also a specialist in counselling teens and young adults and I offer counselling supervision.

This therapy can help with:
Anxiety – Anger management – Bullying – Bereavement – Confidence Building
Depression – Eating disorders – Health problems – Low Self Esteem – Phobias
Relationship difficulties – Trauma

Therapeutic counselling
Counselling service Price
Visualisation: experience deep relaxation through counselling & therapy (50 mins)£55
Therapeutic one to one counselling (50 mins)£55
Couples/evening counselling (50 mins)£75
Take the first step and come along for one session. Then you’ll know if this suits you and I can tailor a personalised treatment plan around your needs. As a guideline, expect to commit to a fifty-minute session, for a minimum of six weeks, to benefit your mind, body and soul.

Caroline. I was at my nadir when I was referred to her. My life was on a downward spiral and I was facing the abyss. Nothing was going right for me. I lost my job, my best friend committed suicide, after suffering a terminal illness, I was losing my home and my relationship was on the rocks. I had also been diagnosed with long term illness. Which all happened within 3 months. I had no where to turn. She was there when I needed help most.

When I was an absolute mess, through a combination of empathy, advice on practical steps, cbt and nlp. She took me from being a nervous wreck with no confidence, who was scared of opening up to people and who contemplated all these dark thoughts of doom and gloom, to first a person who was able to open up and trust again, and then from there become more confident and believe in myself again.

Today, I run two businesses, have a healthy lifestyle and a solid and secure relationship with someone who empowers me and showers me with love. I’m not scared of life and embrace it. I’m more resilient and able to let things that use to wear me down not effect me. I’m kinder to myself. I feel more in control. Caroline use to say it wasn’t her that did it. It was my own will and determination. However it takes a great teacher to show the way.

She helped me unlock keys to a better life. This is what I will be forever grateful for. Thank you Caroline. I am sure she can do the same for you.


Hope you are well. I am feeling so much better so will cancel my appointment with you on Tuesday 3rd April. I want to thank you for all your support and that you are an amazing counsellor. Hopefully we can meet up one day for a coffee. Wish you well. Lots of love.


Caroline has been amazing and worked with me to give me the strength to leave my past behind and move forward onto the future as a much stronger person. She gave me the tools to deal with difficult people in my life and I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you Caroline for making a difference in my life!


I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She is truly amazing. So kind, non-judgemental, calm and caring. Caroline does this job because she truly truly loves it and wants to make a difference to peoples’ lives for the better. I met Caroline during a very difficult time in my life and she has been an amazing support and still is. Please get in touch if you need help. Pick up that phone.


You have made an amazing difference to my daughter. Can’t thank you enough.