Reflexology and massage

Experience pure relaxation

Reflexology and massage are complementary therapies which I provide to both men and women. These treatments can help you to overcome the physical stresses and strains of everyday life. After treatment, expect to feel calm, relaxed and positive.

With reflexology, the foot is considered a map to the body. By manipulating the flex points in the feet, I can identify and treat issues throughout the whole body.

Through massage, I target muscles to relieve physical tension, stress and pain. The emotional impact of touch, on your mood, mental health and general wellbeing can be profound.

Who does it help?

Both reflexology and massage, can improve your sense of wellbeing. As a qualified practitioner, with Diplomas in both Massage and Reflexology, I can offer each service separately or provide you with a relaxing blend of both.

Reflexology and massage can help with:
General wellbeing – Pain – Stress – Anxiety – Chronic fatigue – Depression

Reflexology & massage
Gift Vouchers
Reflexology (60mins)£55
Back, neck and shoulder massage (60 mins)£55
Massage (60 mins)£55
Combination of the above (60 mins)£55

Take the first step and book yourself a taster session or dive in for a full session. You’ll soon discover the impact these treatments can have on your mind, body and soul. Then it’s up to you how often you come for treatment.

Had the most amazing sports massage and reflexology this afternoon with Caroline!!! You are a real talent Caroline and I love the new room

I mentioned that my golf teacher said I needed to see you again to loosen my shoulder! I saw him again today and following your efforts I was hitting the ball more consistently, thanks!

Caroline’s insightful and caring approach is truly unique .

She is very professional and is able to work her magic in applying just the right amount of pressure in relieving stress, tension and muscular pain with her deep tissue massage and reflexology sessions which are just amazing. I always feel fabulous after a session Definitely recommended , you will love Caroline and be delighted that you have discovered this hidden gem.


“Keeps my aches and pains at bay with a monthly treatment and a friendly chat.”